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United States Census 2020
United States Census 2020

Census 2020

Once every decade, America comes together to count every resident in the United States. The goal is to count everyone once, and only once, and in the right place. 

The United States Census 2020 counts every person living in the 50 states, District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories. The count is mandated by the Consitituion and conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, a nonpartisan goverment agency. Each home will receive an invitation to participate oin the 2020 Census. The 2020 Census marks the first time you'll have the option to respond online. You can even respond on your moblie device.

Governor Mike DeWine, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted and Director of Development Lydia Mihalik are determined to make sure that every individual has a voice in the 2020 Census. 

The next Census begins in April 2020.


It Matters 

Census 2020 is Ohio’s chance to make sure that every individual is counted and has a voice. This opportunity to count the population only comes once every decade and shapes how Ohio spends and operates for the next 10 years.

  • It’s easy; the Census asks you questions about you such as your name and birthday. It typically takes around 10 minutes to complete.
  • It’s safe: all Census responses are kept confidential and cannot be shared - even with law enforcement. All responses are encrypted.
  • It’s important: it determines the distribution of billions of dollars in federal funding to local communities like yours. The count also guides where new schools and hospitals are needed and where to add public safety resources.


How To Respond

Beginning mid-March, every household should receive a postcard in the mail to participate in Census 2020. Once you have the postcard, you can submit your information either:

  • Online
  • Over the phone
  • By mail


Census Day is April 1, 2020.

One person fills out the Census for the entire household, including all family members or roommates. You should include anyone who regularly lives and sleeps at the house on your form. If you are unsure where your household members live regularly, count where they stayed on April 1, 2020.

If you miss the initial postcard in the mail, you will receive follow up reminders. Please fill out your Census form as soon as you can.

Population loss has a high cost. Ohio is projected to lose at least one seat in Congress after the 2020 Census. That is one less voice to share our Ohio values and policy interests in national decision-making.



Census 2020 is accessible for everyone. If you respond online or over the phone, the form will be available in over 12 languages and has video accessibility for American Sign Language.



The U.S. Census Bureau is bound by law to protect the privacy and confidentiality of everyone who responds to the Census. Your responses are combined with other responses to produce statistical summaries.

The Census Bureau will never ask for your social security number or bank account information.

Any identifiable information about an individual or household cannot be shared for 72 years. These protections ensure the personal information you provide cannot be used against you in any way. Your personal information will not be shared with other law enforcement, including DHS, ICE, FBI, CIA or police departments.

The Census Bureau encrypts all responses submitted online and stored in its computers. Only verified Census officials have access to this information.

The Census has immense impacts for the country if not done correctly. Projections are based on the decennial count, and if not done properly the count has exponential repercussions.


Earn Extra Income While Helping Your Community

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring for a variety of temporary jobs throughout the state. The jobs include census takers, recruiting assistance, office staff, and more. Pay rates in Ohio range from $14.50 to $18 an hour. The regional offices will be in Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland, Akron, Ashland, South Point, Cincinnati, and Dayton. Regional census positions are key to ensuring an accurate census count in 2020. Earn extra income and help ensure that everyone in your community is counted by applying for a temporary census job.

The Census Bureau has other job opportunities listed on the federal government's official employment site.