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Major Project Governance and Budget
On June 1, 2018, the Department of Administrative Service and Office of Budget and Management released a Major IT Project Oversight policy. The policy applies to projects that meet the following criteria.
  • Total expenditures over the project lifecycle are estimated at over $5 million.
  • Total expenditures over the project lifecycle are estimated at over $2.5 million and the project is categorized as "high-risk". A high-risk project may include:
    • A major technology project or business project/business transformation involving significant technology investment.
    • The project is determined to be high risk (new or emerging technology, sensitive subject area) or high impact (affecting many constituents or stakeholders, creating profound change).
    • The project has an enterprise or statewide impact; involves more than one state agency, board or commission; or is initiated by a state agency and will involve other non-state governmental entities/organizations.
    • The project develops, adds functionality, or re-engineers a mission critical business process and/or application.
  • The project is otherwise designated as a major project or a high risk or high impact project by the Office of the Governor, or the Director of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS), or the Director of the Ohio Office of Budget and Management (OBM).

Projects meeting these criteria must complete certain agency work products during the project process. The major project funding request is a component of those work products. While required for new projects introduced during the budget cycle, agencies may complete a Business Plan and the corresponding workbook at any time prior to the budget cycle. These documents should be updated annually.