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eLearning Programs

The OBM Training Academy designs eLearning primarily for state employees who use FIN, including travelers.

All courses supplement the procedures in the OAKS FIN Process Manual. 

Search for #OBMTraining in the Ohio Learn statewide catalog to find and enroll in these courses.

Standalone Courses

OAKS FIN Accounts Payable Overview (25 Minutes): Provides a high-level overview of the Accounts Payable process. 

OAKS FIN Billing and Accounts Receivables Overview (15 Minutes): Provides a high-level overview of the Billing and AR processes in OAKS FIN.

Establishing and Managing Allotments (30 Minutes): Identifies the functions, people, processes, and stakeholders that must be involved in the many activities of the allotment process.


Auditor of State Audits (60 Minutes): This course will help you to understand the Auditor of State's authority for conducting audits, the audit approach, and the different types of audits performed.


Managing the State Budget (25 Minutes): Shows how agencies use ledgers to budget check their transactions and confirm they have the authority to make various purchases. Looks at different types of budget controls and explains how to check for errors. 


The Ohio Budget Process (20 Minutes): Explains when activities occur during the budget process, what are the different budget bills, and the money for the state budget. 

Clarifying the CAFR and SEFA (45 Minutes): Examines two of the most important documents for any state government to establish financial transparency and establish credibility, the CAFR and the SEFA. 

Capital Planning (25 Minutes): This course provides a basic overview of what constitutes a capital project, how agencies request capital funding, the planning involved in capital improvement projects, how capital reappropriations work, and more.


Understanding Chart of Accounts (30 Minutes): Goes over the Chart of Accounts, including ChartFields and trees, and includes information on agency roles, programs, priorities, and funding. 

Analyzing Disbursements (45 Minutes): Explains the OBM Monthly Financial Report, and how to analyze, explain, and determine the causes of variances. Covers ensuring that GRF payroll disbursements are made in the correct months, and how to locate and analyze historical patterns, trends, and planned business model changes for non-payroll disbursements. 


Debt Management (20 Minutes): This course provides an overview of why debt management plays a crucial role in the state's financial structure, how funding resulting from bond sales can be used, and the implications of improperly using funding received from bond sales.

Introduction to Federal Grants (30 Minutes): Introduces federal grants, including best practices for managing grant awards and high-level requirements related to procurement, equipment and inventory. Perfect for those new to federal grants. 

FIN 101 OAKS in a Nutshell (15 Minutes):  Explains how to navigate and other basic features of OAKS FIN. 

Introduction to OAKS FIN (25 Minutes): Explains the individual modules of OAKS FIN and how they interact. 


Fundamentals of Financial Forecasting (45 Minutes): Financial forecasting is a complex topic. This course provides a basic understanding of financial forecasting methodology. This course is not intended to cover all methods or calculations, but highlights some of the more commonly used methods.

Processing ISTVs in OAKS FIN (30 Minutes): Provides an understanding of how Ohio's Intra-State Transfer Vouchers (ISTVs) are processed in OAKS FIN. 

Ledgers Overview (30 Minutes): Provides a high-level overview of ledgers and how they work within OAKS FIN. 

Payment Card Holder Training (35 Minutes): Provides an overview of general use, policies and procedures for payment card (Pcard) holders. 

Pcard for Administrators (20 Minutes): Payment Card training tailored specifically for Pcard Administrators. 

Pcard for Supervisors (15 Minutes): Payment Card training tailored specifically for supervisors who review and approve payment card purchases. 


State Laws and Policies (45 Minutes): This course covers information relative to Laws, Rules and Policies as provided in the Ohio Constitution, the ORC, Executive Orders, the OAC, and Policies and Directives.

Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (40 Minutes): Provides an understanding of what the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) is and why it’s important. 

Travel and Expense Training (15-45 Minutes):  Shows how to complete travel and non-travel expense reimbursements using OAKS FIN. 

Creating Vouchers (20 Minutes): Shows how to create vouchers using an invoice and provides an overview of the two most common types of vouchers: PO and Non-PO. 

Learning Plans

(Convenient, topical bundles of standalone courses)

Statewide Fiscal Orientation Learning Plan: Gives an overview of essential state fiscal concepts for new fiscal employees. Designed for fiscal employees in their first 90-120 days on the job. Includes:

  • Accounts Payable Overview
  • Accounts Receivable and Billing Overview
  • Budget Checks and Controls
  • The Budget Process for Ohio
  • FIN 102


Voucher Processor Learning Plan: Provides an introductory overview of OAKS FIN, explains how to create vouchers using an invoice, and walks through two of the most common types of vouchers. Also includes an overview of how Ohio's Intra-State Transfer Vouchers (ISTVs) are processed in the OAKS FIN Accounts Receivable (AR) and Accounts Payable (AP) modules. Includes:

  • FIN 101
  • FIN 102
  • AP Overview
  • ISTV Processing
  • Voucher Creation