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About Us

OBM Shared Services is the first state government shared services center within the state of Ohio. A dedicated team of leads, coaches, and associates are the pioneering force behind OBM Shared Services.

Mission Statement

OBM Shared Services executes administrative transactions for its customers while skillfully balancing efficiency and customer service to add value through lower cost and improved effectiveness. Our primary key to success is a highly motivated, top-performing, self-directed workforce.

Vision Statement

OBM Shared Services is nationally recognized as a public sector pioneer that manages multiple business processes for a variety of public sector entities. It is recognized as the best-in-class in servicing its customers, maintaining a high-performance workplace, and recognizing employees as its most critical asset.

Our Core Competencies

We are changing the way the state of Ohio does business. A key component of enabling this change is a transition in the way state employees work at OBM Shared Services. At OBM Shared Services, our people are our most valuable asset.

Our Core Values

  • Customer Service
  • Embrace Change
  • Operational Excellence
  • Team Focus

Our Culture

OBM Shared Services strives to develop an employee culture that:

  • Respects and values the contributions of our employees
  • Fosters communication between OBM Shared Services and our customers, suppliers, and employees
  • Provides continuous learning and development opportunities
  • Provides timely performance feedback
  • Enables continuous improvement in our work, relationships, and ourselves

Self-Directed Work Teams

OBM Shared Service Associates work in self-directed work teams, which are groups of employees empowered to manage day-to-day responsibilities with minimal direct supervision. Together, these teams identify continuous improvement opportunities and complete tasks using metrics to help guide work efforts.