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Fiscal Year 2016-2017

Fiscal Year 2016-2017

"Together, we are lifting our state. I strongly believe the policies in my Administration's new budget proposal will continue to help our state grow, and I hope I can count on your support as we work to make it a reality. Only by coming together can we continue to make Ohio the best place to work, live and raise our families."

- Governor John R. Kasich, February 2, 2015

Enacted Operating Budget Fact Sheets (As Passed)

Enacted Operating Budget Links (As Passed)

Blue Book Executive Budget (As Proposed By Governor Kasich & OBM)

Budget As Enacted

Enacted Operating Budget Links (As Passed)

For additional information please see:

Executive Budget

Blue Book

Blue Book - Book One, Broken down into individual sections

  • Gov Letter    - Governor's Letter
  • Section A    [2.38 MB] - Reader's Guide
    • Introduction to the Executive Budget
    • Demographic Information
    • Glossary of Key Terms
    • Basis of Budgeting; Budget Calendar
    • The Budget Process; Funds of the State
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Guide to Reading the Budget Tables
    • State of Ohio Organization Chart
  • Section B    - Economic Forecast
    • Economic Overview and Forecast
    • Revenue Estimates and Methodology
    • Actual and Estimated Revenues
  • Section C    - Budget Overview
    • Revenue Summaries
    • Spending Summaries
    • Fund Balance Summaries
    • Capital Improvements & Long-Term Financing
    • State Personnel Summary
  • Section D - Individual Agencies
Select either the agency's name or three letter abbreviation to view individual budget recommendations


Other Information

School District Funding Preliminary Estimates

Budget Implementation

Fiscal Year 2017

General Revenue Fund Disbursement Guidance

FY 17 Allotment Guidance Documents

Fiscal Year 2016

General Revenue Fund Disbursement Guidance

FY 16 Allotment Guidance Documents

For State Agencies

Operating Budget Guidance for Fiscal Years 2016-2017

Operating Budget Guidance   

Budget Language Guidance for Fiscal Years 2016-2017

Budget Language Guidance