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Fiscal Year 2014-2015

Fiscal Year 2014-2015

"Almost every day, we're seeing evidence of Ohio's progress in strengthening our economy and creating new jobs. Ohio is getting back on track, but we've got more work to do. The budget I've signed into law keeps our foot on the accelerator by tackling key reforms to help us create long-lasting economic growth. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels. Ohio needs to continue to innovate and implement big ideas to further drive economic growth and make our state a better place to work, live and raise a family. I'm proud that this budget helps us achieve those goals."

- Governor John R. Kasich, July 1, 2013

Enacted Budget Fact Sheets

Blue Book Executive Budget (As Proposed By Governor Kasich & OBM)

Budget As Enacted

Enacted Approprations with History

Budget Bills, As Enacted

Executive Budget

" This Executive Budget is framed against a much brighter backdrop than Ohio faced just two years ago. Coming into that biennium, Ohio faced an historic $7.7 billion fiscal imbalance and a sputtering economy that landed Ohio nearly dead-last in job creation. As a result of our decisive action, however, we prevented Ohio's collapse and have gotten our state back on track.

While we've made significant progress, too many Ohioans are still out of work. Our taxes are still too high and present a formidable barrier to job creation. Significant improvements remain undone to the programs that care for vulnerable Ohioans. Ohio must do better. We must further restrain the cost of state government and become more efficient to serve Ohioans better and more responsibly. That is our mission with this budget and in the next biennium.

The reforms in this budget are the next steps in moving Ohio further down the road toward solid, sustained prosperity for all of us. Together, we have taken steps to get Ohio back on track, and I am confident we can continue to make Ohio a better place to work, live and raise our families. "

- Governor John R. Kasich, February 4, 2013

Blue Book

Blue Book - Book One, Broken down into individual sections

  • Section A    [1.21 MB] - Reader's Guide

  • Section B    [1.57 MB] - Economic Forecast

  • Section C    [1.50 MB] - Budget Overview   
  • Section D - Individual Agencies        
    [Largest file from drop-down in Section D is 1.06 MB]

OBM Director's Testimony

School Funding Preliminary Estimates


The FY 2014-2015 Charts and Tables Summary   

  • Total General Revenue Fund Appropriations
  • State General Revenue Funds
  • General Revenue Fund Actual Expenditures and Appropriations
  • All Funds Appropriations
  • All Funds Actual Expenditures and Appropriations
  • Total General Revenue Fund Estimated Revenues
  • State General Revenue Fund Estimated Revenues
  • General Revenue Fund Actual and Estimated Revenues

For State Agencies

More than a statutory requirement, the Executive Budget for Fiscal Years 2014-2015 will build on the success of both the Fiscal Years 2012-2013 Operating Budget and the Mid-Biennium Review by furthering Governor Kasich's agenda of renewal for the State of Ohio. Although the State's budget has been returned to fiscal stability and Ohio is better positioned for economic growth, Governor Kasich will use the next biennial budget to continue his ongoing effort to enhance the climate of economic competitiveness and job growth in our state, restrain state spending, and improve services for taxpayers.

Operating Budget Guidance

Language Guidance