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The Debt Management section of OBM is responsible for managing existing state debt and proposed issuances of new state debt as authorized under Section 126.11 of the Ohio Revised Code. For proposed sales of new state debt, OBM must review and approve each sale including the amount, security, source of payment, structure, and maturity schedule.

Services/Activities include:

  • Develops and distributes monthly a coordinated bond sale schedule for state bond issuers.
  • With respect to the State's biennial operating budget, establishes and monitors debt service appropriation line items within various agency budgets to ensure that all necessary debt service payment authorizations and associated administrative expenses are included in each budget bill.
  • With respect to the State's biennial capital budget, projects the impact of various amounts and types of capital appropriations on the State's debt service expenditures to ensure affordability within the operating budget and compliance with the Constitutional provision limiting annual GRF-backed debt service to five percent of annual GRF revenue plus net state lottery proceeds.
  • Coordinates and presents the flow of information to bond rating agencies on the state's debt and overall financial position.

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