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Application Portals and Manuals
Application Portals and Manuals

Reporting & Request Portals

OBM Director's Memos Portal

Provides an entry point for requests and transactions that the director of OBM is authorized by law to review and approve


Budget Center

Contains two applications - Budget Portal and Language Portal. The Budget Portal is used to collect data concerning the Biennial Budget produced by OBM. The Language Portal is used to communicate budget language information between state agencies, OBM and the Legislative Services Commission.


eControlling Board

Used by state agencies and OBM as a workflow and document repository for controlling board requests.


Supplier Portal

Invoice, payment, receipt, and purchase order information for Suppliers and State Agencies.


SEFA Portal

Used by OBM Financial Reporting to post SEFA packages and gather forms and workbooks from agencies.

SEFA Portal

GAAP Reporting Portal

Used by OBM Financial Reporting to post agency reporting packages and gather forms and reports from agencies. Data is used as input to the CAFR and more.


OAKS Tree Converter

This tool converts tree views from OAKS into an Excel file. The Tree Converter Tool can be used for any OAKS Tree including those from FIN, HCM, or EPM. This is especially helpful for the OAKS FIN or HCM Chartfield Requests that require users to attach a revised copy of their OAKS Tree.


Codes & Process Manuals

"The FIN SOURCE" for Ohio

State of Ohio Financial policies and procedures; providing users with the "SAFE Policy Manual," the "OAKS FIN Account Code Table," and "OAKS FIN Process Manual"



"The Source" for OSS


OBM Employees & Authorized Users

Web Mail

Web-based Outlook365 for state employees and authorized users


OAKS EFT  Remittance Lookup

For State of Ohio Suppliers

Remit Lookup


For OBM employees to access the agency's intranet site without needing to connect over VPN.

OBM@Work (External)