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Voucher Review

The Voucher Review section performs reviews and compliance checks prior to approving selected vouchers. Voucher Review provides guidance to agencies regarding State Accounting policy, proper documentation, and review of supplier invoices.

Expense Account Codes

OAKS Expense Account Codes

Access the expense account codes through the OAKS FIN Account Code Table Online Reference:

"The FIN SOURCE" for Ohio 

OAKS BI Report

The OAKS BI Report GL-0075 Chartfield Configuration  is available through the OAKS-BI path:

Public Folders   >  BI Reporting Folders  >  BI Standard Reports  >  FIN  >  General Ledger  > Actuals

This can be used to run reports that provide either the attributes assigned to expense account codes or the descriptions for each code. Do not combine the two options unless you want to see only the account codes that have attributes AND descriptions.

Please contact OAKS-BI (oaks.helpdesk@oaks.state.oh.us  ) directly if you have questions regarding the report.

Month-end Cleanup Documents

Agencies are responsible for month-end processing tasks for OAKS FIN modules: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Purchasing, and Travel and Expense. Refer to the "OAKS FIN Agency Month-End Checklists"   topic in "The FIN SOURCE"   for Ohio for guidance on performing these key agency month-end processing tasks for the OAKS Core Financials Modules.