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Payment Card Program

The State of Ohio Payment Card, administered through the Ohio Office of Budget and Management, is a payment tool used by state agencies to make small dollar purchases efficiently. 89 State of Ohio agencies, boards, and commissions employ approximately 3,700 payment cards. In an average year the state spends 75 to 80 million dollars with the payment card. In addition to the benefit of purchasing efficiency, the state receives an annual rebate of nearly 1.5 million dollars from the payment card provider.

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Below you will find the total amount spent and total number of transactions that each participating Ohio state agency made with their payment card (Not all agencies have payment cards).

Monthly spending and transaction history sorted by state agency

Spending Volumes Transaction Volumes
Spending, FY 2019 Transaction, FY 2019
Spending, FY 2018  Transaction, FY 2018
Spending, FY 2017 Transaction, FY 2017