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State Accounting monitors and controls both the spending and revenue collection activities of state agencies.

Services/Activities include:

  • The appropriations control and cash reconciliation section prepares and maintains appropriation dollar amounts in the accounting system and reconciles agency appropriations and expenditures to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the information in the accounting system. Monthly cash balance reconciliations are made with the Treasurer of State's Office.
  • The processing and review section performs purchasing, encumbering and payment functions in the Ohio Administrative Knowledge System (OAKS). This section reviews accounting documents and enters approved documents into the accounting system. Staff also perform on-site audits of agency petty cash accounts and prepare payments of settlements and legal judgments rendered by the Court of Claims against state agencies.
  • The SWCAP section determines the value of services provided by agencies that provide services benefiting all state agencies and divides the cost among agencies. The resulting cost allocation plan also includes rental rates for state-owned facilities. The section prepares and submits the state's SWCAP annually to the federal government.

Financial Services Contacts

Agency Financial Processing Services Contact Information
Controlling Board Approved,
Appropriation & Allotment
Amber Pugh Amber.Pugh@obm.ohio.gov
Controlling Board Approved - Supplier Waivers Lewis Carter Lewis.Carter@obm.ohio.gov
Sara Russell Sara.Russell@obm.ohio.gov
Bond Cash Transfer Requests Amber Griffith Amber.Griffith@obm.ohio.gov
Revenue Modifications OBM Revenue Deposits OBM.RevenueDeposits@obm.ohio.gov
Reversal Vouchers (restores encumbrance) OSS if voucher processed by OSS, all others e-mail OBM.ReversalVouchers@obm.state.oh.us
Requisitions - contract review and approvals,
Normal OAKS workflows to:
Sara Russell Sara.Russell@obm.ohio.gov
Lewis Carter Lewis.Carter@obm.ohio.gov
PR Corrections to post current pay week - type "PAY" OBM Payroll Corrections obm.prcorrections@obm.ohio.gov
PR corrections for Prior pay periods, current- type "SPJ" OBM Journal and Spreadsheets OBM.JournalSpreadshe@obm.state.oh.us
Petty Cash OBM Petty Cash obmpettycash@obm.ohio.gov
Statewide Cost Allocation Plan (SWCAP) Gary Palmer Gary.Palmer@obm.ohio.gov
All Other Melvin Striblin Melvin.Striblin@obm.ohio.gov