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Supplier Forms

New State of Ohio suppliers, to start doing business with the state, register on the Supplier Website (supplier.ohio.gov)

Reactivate Supplier

To be reactivated as a supplier, please complete the Reactivate Supplier form and W9. To create your OH|ID, please go to the Supplier website.

Supplier Reactivation
W-9 Form

Foreign Suppliers

Who is considered a Foreign Supplier?

  • An organization or individual registered to sell goods or services to the State of Ohio who is located outside the Continental U.S.
  • Companies that would like to do business with the State of Ohio must first complete the following documents to register. OBM Shared Services Supplier Operations will provide notification once all documentation has been approved

Foreign Supplier

W-8 Form for Individuals

W-8 Form for Businesses

Medicaid Providers

The State of Ohio provides payment for services rendered in the form of an electronic funds transfer.

To setup or change banking information, Medicaid Providers must complete and submit the Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Payments along with bank verification to OBM Shared Services. All other information for Medicaid Providers is maintained in the Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS).

Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit of EFT Payments Form

Accessing Secured Emails

OBM Shared Services utilizes a tool that allows us to protect confidential information in our email communications. The following PDF contains a step-by-step guide on how to view and respond to secure messages.

Accessing Secured Emails