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About Us

The budget development program evaluates agencies' budget requests and prepares the Governor's operating and capital budget recommendations for submission to the Ohio legislature. Once budgets are passed, this program oversees agencies' allotment planning and monitors agencies' spending to ensure it is done in accordance with state law and does not exceed appropriations. This program also prepares economic forecasts and revenue estimates and issues a monthly financial report to the Governor.

Services/Activities include:

  • Prepares an executive budget proposal for all state agencies every two years: budget requests are solicited from agencies and evaluated. Budget recommendations are developed with the Governor for submission to the General Assembly, typically in late January of odd-numbered years.
  • Prepares a capital budget for all state-financed capital improvements: capital budget requests are solicited from state agencies and evaluated, and with the concurrence of the Governor, a capital plan is submitted to the Ohio legislature each even-numbered year.
  • Oversee the preparation of annual spending, or allotment, plans by state agencies: these plans show how agencies anticipate spending their annual appropriations during the state fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.
  • Estimate spending for state agencies and monitor agency spending during the fiscal year to ensure it is done in accordance with state law and does not exceed the amounts appropriated.
  • Prepare biennial and ad hoc economic forecasts and revenue estimates for the Governor's executive budget. The forecasts include estimates of future values of key economic variables such as gross domestic product, unemployment, employment, and inflation.
  • Prepare for the Governor a monthly report analyzing current economic trends, year-to-date state revenues and spending, and the general revenue fund balance.