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OBM Travel Rule

The OBM Travel Rule was revised effective Sept 1, 2019. The state continues to leverage processes that have been used successfully at the federal level and deployed in other states.

Highlights of the OBM Travel Rule include:

  • The State will reimburse based on rates for lodging within the Continental United States (CONUS) set by the federal General Service Administration (GSA).
  • Maximum rates for lodging are set by location.
  • Per diems for meals & incidentals are set by location.
  • International travel will be reimbursed on actual expenses within reason.
  • Employees are expected to submit travel and expense reimbursement requests within 60 days of travel. In no case shall an employee be able to submit a request for reimbursement after 90 days.
  • OBM Director retains discretion to establish mileage reimbursement rate and review on a quarterly basis.
  • All travel reimbursement will be made via EFT to the same bank account that an employee has established for his/her state pay.