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Training Academy's Services

What We Do

The OBM Training Academy provides both training on specific skill-based outcomes and provides knowledge to educate for the future. As part of this effort, we offer services including:

  • Instructor-led and e-learning training design and delivery
  • Management, leadership, and employee development training
  • Ohio Fiscal Academy administration, coordination, development, and delivery
  • Enterprise software training and project support
  • Lean systems which optimize flow and reduce waste
  • OBM process documentation support

How We Do It

  • Analyze: Is training the answer? OBM TA conducts thorough needs analysis to determine the gap between knowledge and performance as well as the appropriate solution for that gap.
  • Design: The OBM TA works with our customers to identify objectives for training event that will bridge the gap or meet compliance or other identified training needs.
  • Develop: OBM TA develops the identified event or solution using current instructional design theory, adult learning principles, and technologies.
  • Implement: The OBM TA implements the developed solution as well as train-the-trainer or OBM TA-owned workshops.
  • Evaluate: The OBM TA evaluates the event or solution to assess training effectiveness and identifies updates for a scheduled review and update cycle to continually improve its offerings.
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