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Value Management Office


Evaluate projected and realized benefits from major enterprise business transformation investments.


Consistently ensure improved outcomes and the best application of taxpayer dollars for enterprise initiatives.

One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs by their intentions rather than their results
~ Milton Friedman

Value Management Framework

The Value Management Framework helps project managers and sponsors achieve desired project results.


Monitoring and managing high risk projects to realize project value and benefits is a continuous process. It involves envisioning results, planning and implementing business change, dynamically adjusting the path toward the results, and measuring the outcomes of programs.

The Value Management Framework assists project managers and sponsors in proposing, executing, and implementing large scale initiatives. Successful achievement of project objectives and business results is more likely when:

Project sponsors and managers follow minimum standards consistent with professional project management.
Structured project management leads to focus on the desired end results and fosters disciple through governance, measurement, and accountability.
Project progress and results are examined on a continuous basis throughout the duration of the project.
Deviations from expected timelines, costs or performance can be addressed early in the project lifecycle to ensure a successful conclusion of the project.