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About the Value Management Office


The OBM Value Management Office leads the State of Ohio in processes to enable evaluation of enterprise benefits.

For enterprise initiatives, particularly those that are technology-based, the OBM Value Management Office works with agencies and technology developers identify required process changes and develop a plan to implement them, estimate resulting benefits, and design measurement systems that include appropriate key performance indicators. The OBM Value Management Office will then assist agencies in monitoring actual benefits in relation to projected benefits through the implementation period.

When a new enterprise initiative is undertaken, the OBM Value Management Office collaborates with agencies before implementation of new technology or changes to business processes occur to identify appropriate benefits for their lines of business and environment. The Value Management Office facilitates agency development of a plan to achieve identified benefits and, after implementation, works with the agency in collecting and reporting performance measures, as well as reevaluating the original benefits on a regular basis to see if they are still relevant in the current environment. When benefits fall short of expected levels, the Value Management Office facilitates efforts to identify the reason why and, when needed, help the agency take corrective action. Last, as lessons are learned about a particular implementation process, the Office shares that information with other business units undergoing the same process changes. The information is also be integrated into enterprise learning and applied to future projects.

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