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Engaged at the beginning of the project.

*See also Agency Engagement Center Sponsor Diagram and its accompanying Sponsor Definitions

Primary project representative

Champions the project to the organization

  • Defines the problem and proposed solution
  • Leads Steering Committee
  • Helps project overcome roadblocks
  • Supports implementation efforts through championing project outcomes and required business changes

Project Manager

Engaged at the beginning of the project.

Manages the project from start to finish, delivering the desired outcomes.

  • Supports sponsor
  • Provides project management guidance and coordination
  • Drives project toward completion of desired outcome
  • Manages time, budget and quality
  • Raises critical issues for resolution

Organizational Change Manager

Engaged at the beginning of the project.

Manages the people side of the project from start to finish, helps to deliver the desired business outcomes.

  • Supports sponsor
  • Provides change management guidance and coordination
  • Prepares, equips and supports the impacted stakeholders for change
  • Coaches and supports leaders in preparing their people for change, including methods to manage resistance within their teams

Steering Committee

Engaged during INITIATE

Ensures program alignment with strategic goals

  • Participates in project lifecycle
  • Assists sponsor in resolving critical issues
  • Monitors outcomes to ensure full adoption
  • Determines if the project warrants continuation

Business or Process Owner

Engaged during INITIATE

Understands business process and is able to communicate process steps and outcomes.

  • Provides critical input to project team on project lifecycle
  • Carries forward changes in policy and procedure
  • Apprizes internal and external stakeholders of upcoming changes and expectations
  • Monitors achievement of desired outcomes
  • Reports on progress and mitigation strategies

Project Team
Technical Team
Lean/BPR Team

Engaged during PLAN

Completes key phases of work related to the project.
  • Performs project work appropriate to specialization
  • Ensures that product or solution meets customer specifications and drives desired outcomes

Business Unit, Community of Practice, Subject Matter Experts (SME)

Engaged during PLAN

Provides feedback and input on changes and impact.
  • Provides context and input as needed
  • Helps project team relate to how the developed solution will apply to customers of the process
  • Provides continuous feedback on the progress and effect of implemented changes

Other Stakeholders, Affected Parties and Customers

Engaged during PLAN

Provide feedback and information to help guide the solution

  • May participate in feedback sessions throughout project lifecycle
  • May receive updates about project plan and timelines
  • May receive advance notice on design and planned implementation and outcomes
  • May provide feedback on opportunities to improve implementation and achieve outcomes

Consultants and Private Sector Partners

Engaged during PLAN or EXECUTE

May complete portions of the work
  • May provide options, cost and time information
  • May develop plan for project
  • May provide support activities and feedback
  • May assist in implementation
  • May provide perspective and feedback on implementation and achievement of desired outcomes