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About the Ohio Fiscal Academy

The vision of the Fiscal Academy is to create lifelong learners and information seekers within the ranks of the State of Ohio's public financial professionals. The academy strives to prepare fiscal professionals for any State of Ohio position with a fiscal or budgetary responsibility.

Program Benefits

Participation in OFA offers learners and state agencies benefits such as:

  • Real-life scenarios with hands-on participation
  • Networking opportunities with forward-thinking change agents
  • Custom sessions with the Controlling Board President, representatives from the Legislative Service Commission, the Ohio Senate, and the Joint Commission on Agency Rule Review, etc.
  • Support for a culture of responsibility and management in state government
  • And more!

Upon completing the program, OBM awards the designation of "Certified Ohio Fiscal Professional" to each graduate. OBM Director Timothy Keen and Governor John Kasich sign each awarded certificate.


You're eligible to apply if you're employed in a fiscal or budgetary capacity within a fiscal office of a state agency, or if you're employed in one of the following classifications:

  • Financial Analyst
  • Sourcing Analyst
  • Financial Manager
  • Fiscal Specialist
  • Budget Analyst
Note: other positions may be considered for entry into the program at OBM's discretion.


Registration for Cohort 9 is now closed. Applications for Cohort 10 will be available by the end of August 2019.



Contact the Ohio Fiscal Academy:

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