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Payment Card Participating Agencies

Listed below are the primary contacts for the state agencies that participate in the Payment Card program.

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Agency Name Agency Code First Name Last Name # of Cards
Accountancy Board ACC01 Connie Alexander 2
Adjutant General's Office ADJ01 Becky Allen 38
Department of Aging AGE01 Sheila Thomas 16
Attorney General's Office AGO01 Shavkat Nasirov 65
Department of Agriculture AGR01 Daniel Johnson 38
Department of Agriculture ARC01 Connie Alexander 2
Arts Council ART01 Carla Oesterle 3
Arts Council ATH01 Connie Alexander 1
Auditor of State's Office AUD01 Kim Eckert 8
Board of Regents BOR01 Dawn Gatterdam 10
Board of Regents BRB01 Connie Alexander 1
Board of Regents BTA01 Connie Alexander 2
Burea of Workers Compensation BWC01 Rick Stoner 287
Casino Control Commission CAC01 Caty Abbott 7
Casino Control Commission CDP01 Connie Alexander 1
Casino Control Commission CHR01 Connie Alexander 1
Civil Rights Commission CIV01 Dale Olinger 1
Department of Commerce COM01 Lea Ann Lozier-Allen 14
Department of Commerce COS01 Connie Alexander 1
Department of Commerce CRB01 Connie Alexander 1
Central Service Agency CSA01 Connie Alexander 0
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board CSR01 Karen Hammond 4
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board CSV01 Carrie Niino-Koontz 1
Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board CSW01 Connie Alexander 1
Department of Administrative Services DAS01 Anna Garver 33
Department of Administrative Services DEN01 Connie Alexander 2
Department of Development DEV01 Andy Shaw 20
Department of Mental Health DMH01 Scott Ferguson 106
Department of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities DMR01 Krista Shaw 433
Department of Natural Resources DNR01 Pattina Collins-Paisley 974
Department of Health DOH01 Paul Maragos 12
Department of Transportation DOT01 Ruth Ann Neely 718
Department of Public Safety DPS01 Barbara Hamilton 166
Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections DRC01 Shirri Wright-Conner 185
Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections DVM01 Connie Alexander 1
Department of Veterans Services DVS01 Paula Orchowski 62
Department of Youth Services DYS01 Don Evans 56
Department of Education EDU01 Aaron Ashley 13
Department of Education ENG01 Connie Alexander 1
Environmental Protection Agency EPA01 Don McNeal 110
Environmental Protection Agency ERB01 Connie Alexander 1
E-Tech ETC01 Connie Alexander 2
E-Tech ETH01 Connie Alexander 1
Expositions Commission EXP01 Doug Smalley 14
Expositions Commission FUN01 Connie Alexander 1
Governor's Office GOV01 Michelle Peasley 1
Inspector General's Office IGO01 Jill Jones 1
Department of Insurance INS01 Jianming Xia 9
Judicial Conference of Ohio JCO01 0
Department of Job and Family Services JFS01 Yvonne Gore 77
Judiciary/Supreme Court JSC01 Katie Merrill 8
Judiciary/Supreme Court LCO01 Connie Alexander 0
Lake Erie Commission LEC01 Don McNeal 1
Library Board LIB01 Jamie Pardee 13
Lottery Commission LOT01 Jackie Mazzola 5
Legislative Service Commission LSC01 Kristin Rhee 2
Department of Medicaid MCD01 Steve Beckley 6
Medical Board MED01 Susan Loe 6
Medical Board MHC01 Connie Alexander 2
Medical Board MIH01 Connie Alexander 1
Board of Nursing NUR01 Kathy King 2
Board of Nursing OBD01 Connie Alexander 1
Office of Budget and Management OBM01 LeeAuna Neely 5
Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel OCC01 Monica Hunyadi 2
Office of the Ohio Consumers' Counsel ODB01 Connie Alexander 1
Industrial Commission OIC01 Brian Kelly 9
Industrial Commission OPP01 Connie Alexander 1
Industrial Commission OPT01 Connie Alexander 1
School for the Blind OSB01 Chris Wells 35
School for the Deaf OSD01 Chris Wells 14
Pharmacy Board PRX01 Matthew Corlett 3
Pharmacy Board PSY01 Connie Alexander 1
Public Defender Commission PUB01 John Alge 4
Public Utilities Commission PUC01 Gina Burke 4
Public Works Commission PWC01 Matthew Markey 1
Public Works Commission PYT01 Connie Alexander 1
Racing Commission RAC01 Sherry White 1
Racing Commission RCB01 Connie Alexander 1
House of Representatives REP01 Lori Cline 2
Rehabilitation Services Commission RSC01 James Estep 13
Rehabilitation Services Commission SAN01 Connie Alexander 1
Rehabilitation Services Commission SCR01 Connie Alexander 1
Senate SEN01 Erin Hammon 1
School Facilities Commission SFC01 Lori Coy 3
Secretary of State's Office SOS01 Mayowa Adeyele 5
Secretary of State's Office SPA01 Connie Alexander 1
Secretary of State's Office SPE01 Connie Alexander 1
Taxation TAX01 Sa Cartaline 12
Treasurer of State's Office TOS01 Jane Wolfe 2

Updated March 2017

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