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  The Office of Budget and Management - Members Involved in the Work of the Controlling Board  
Members Involved in the Work
Agency Staff
Controlling Board requests are prepared by state agencies. Staff of state departments are responsible for responding to any requests for information made by OBM as well as explaining their requests at Board meetings and responding to Board members' questions. Agencies that bring large numbers of requests to the Board typically have individuals exclusively assigned to work on Board business. Controlling Board activity required by agencies less frequent requests are generally handled by the agency's fiscal office.

Analysts of the Office of Budget and Management (OBM)
With regard to Controlling Board requests, OBM budget analysts provide fiscal and policy analysis assistance to the President. In setting the agenda, the President relies on the knowledge and insights of the analysts to determine whether a request is appropriate from an executive branch perspective, meets the intent of the legislature, and whether revisions or refinements are required. Analysts review all Controlling Board requests for substantive issues and work with agencies to ensure that the intent and impact of the requests are understood. The OBM debt coordinator analyst reviews and approves requests involving capital appropriations. Analysts may consult the legal, accounting, and financial experts within OBM in order to facilitate the review of requests. Agencies typically maintain good communications with their budget analysts regarding all fiscal issues. Agency staff preparing requests should contact their budget analysts with questions or issues they might have, especially with regards to policy considerations and fiscal or financial implications.

Legislative Service Commission (LSC) and Legislative Staff
Six of the seven Board members are legislators. They require assistance in analyzing and understanding items on the agenda. The staff of the Legislative Budget Office review agency requests to ensure that the agency is meeting the legislative intent of the General Assembly in regard to program goals and appropriation levels as included in the appropriation acts of the General Assembly. This review also includes ensuring that the agency is in compliance with Controlling Board regulations and procedures. Generally, House and Senate aides to the Controlling Board members review the requests concurrently with LSC. The LSC staff typically provides written comments, referred to as 'green sheets', on certain requests. The comments can summarize complex or precedent-setting items, analyze substantive concerns about the request, or provide additional information to the Board members. Legislative Service Commission liaisons to each of the four caucuses provide additional assistance to the members.

Office of Budget and Management: State Accounting Section
Prior to Controlling Board approval, all vendor information relating to a forthcoming Controlling Board request should be entered into and accepted by the Central Accounting System. For assistance in providing a vendor's federal tax identification information, contact the Vendor Compliance section of OBM. Upon Controlling Board approval, State Accounting personnel review financial information and enter it into the accounting system. Questions on encumbering funds for requests involving waivers of competitive selection should be directed to the Encumbrance Review section of OBM. Technical questions regarding requests involving appropriations (such as releases, transfers, and fund creations) should be directed to the Appropriations and Revenue Reconciliation section of OBM.

Divisions of the Department of Administrative Services
Insofar as various divisions of DAS play a part in the purchasing process and in capital improvements, their involvement is required in a variety of situations. The Division of Computer Services is involved in procurement decisions regarding computer equipment and software and those purchases made through a request for proposal process. The Division of State Purchasing is involved in most major purchasing processes and must grant a release and permit to an agency before an agency may request a waiver of competitive selection from the Board. The Bureau of Real Estate is involved in state agency land purchases and facility leases that require competitive selection waivers. The State Architect's Office is involved in architect selection processes and overseeing many capital construction projects for state agencies and institutions of higher education.

Director of Budget and Management
The Director is the statutory President of the Board, although in accordance with the statute, he or she traditionally designates this duty to a deputy director of OBM. However, the Board, as well as certain uncodified law provisions, delegate to the director certain duties that otherwise fall to the board. For instance, under Section 127.14 of the Revised Code, the Controlling Board has authorized the OBM Director to approve certain requests for small transfers of appropriations between line items within the same fund within a fiscal year. The OBM director may also approve the release of capital funds for certain projects designated by the director as specific projects.
For more information, please visit the Electronic Controlling Board Web site and application.