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  The Office of Budget and Management - Controlling Board Members  
About the Members
Section 127.12 of the Revised Code establishes the Controlling Board as a body consisting of seven members: the Director of the Office of Budget and Management or an employee of the Office of Budget and Management designated by the Director, the Chairs of the Senate and House Finance Committees, a majority member appointed from both the Senate and the House, and a minority member appointed from both the Senate and the House. For a current roster of the members, Visit

Who is the President
Section 127.13 of the Revised Code provides that the Director of the Office of Budget and Management or a designee of the director shall serve as President of the Controlling Board. Traditionally, the designee has served as a deputy director of the Office of Budget and Management. The President chairs the Board meetings. Practically speaking, as a representative of the executive branch, the President acts in the interest of the administration by determining which requests are to be presented to the Board for consideration and by working with agencies to help ensure the approval of agency requests. The President is required to publish the agenda and provide all supporting documentation relative to matters before the Board to its members and the Legislative Service Commission at least seven days prior to the meeting. The Board may adopt rules to authorize the President to act on its behalf in exigent circumstances affecting the public health, safety or welfare.

Who is the Secretary
Section 127.13 of the Revised Code also establishes an employee of the Office of Budget and Management as Secretary of the Board. This person has the duties of assisting the President, keeping records of each request and the Board's disposition of that request, and certifying to each Board member and the Director of OBM a copy of the record of the Board'''s actions. The Secretary works with the President and other Controlling Board staff to coordinate the review of all requests; this includes tracking and distributing requests, technical review, and maintaining record files. The Secretary also works closely with the Office of State Purchasing in DAS to ensure that agencies submitting requests have followed necessary procurement procedures and with the State Accounting section of OBM to facilitate the encumbering process related to items approved by the Board. Any questions or issues involving forms, Controlling Board procedures, scheduling a request, revising requests, or obtaining copies of requests or agendas should be first directed to the Secretary.
For more information, please visit the Electronic Controlling Board Web site and application.