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Operating Budget

Fiscal Year 2014-2015 - Executive Budget


Jobs Budget 2.0

" This Executive Budget is framed against a much brighter backdrop than Ohio faced just two years ago. Coming into that biennium, Ohio faced an historic $7.7 billion fiscal imbalance and a sputtering economy that landed Ohio nearly dead-last in job creation. As a result of our decisive action, however, we prevented Ohio's collapse and have gotten our state back on track.

While we've made significant progress, too many Ohioans are still out of work. Our taxes are still too high and present a formidable barrier to job creation. Significant improvements remain undone to the programs that care for vulnerable Ohioans. Ohio must do better. We must further restrain the cost of state government and become more efficient to serve Ohioans better and more responsibly. That is our mission with this budget and in the next biennium.

The reforms in this budget are the next steps in moving Ohio further down the road toward solid, sustained prosperity for all of us. Together, we have taken steps to get Ohio back on track, and I am confident we can continue to make Ohio a better place to work, live and raise our families. "

- Governor John R. Kasich, February 4, 2013

Blue Book


Blue Book - Book One, Broken down into individual sections

  • Section A (PDF) [1.21 MB] - Reader's Guide
    • Introduction to the Executive Budget
    • Demographic Information
    • State of Ohio Organization Chart
    • Glossary of Key Terms
    • Basis of Budgeting; Budget Calendar
    • The Budget Process; Funds of the State
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Guide to Reading the Budget Tables

  • Section B (PDF) [1.57 MB] - Economic Forecast
    • Economic Overview and Forecast
    • Revenue Estimates and Methodology
    • Actual and Estimated Revenues

  • Section C (PDF) [1.50 MB] - Budget Overview
    • Revenue Summaries
    • Spending Summaries
    • Fund Balance Summaries
    • Capital Improvements & Long-Term Financing
    • State Personnel Summary

  • Section D - Individual Agencies
    • select an individual agency from the drop-up list below:

    [Largest file from drop-down in Section D is 1.06 MB]


OBM Director's Testimony

School Funding Preliminary Estimates



Below is a link to Operating Budget Guidance for State Agencies. OBM will work closely with agencies to develop recommendations for the Governor to consider in fulfilling his statutory requirement to submit a balanced budget recommendation to the legislature.


For State Agencies GRF Disbursement Guidance



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